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    10 months ago

    A Message from Pinbooster CEO Dave Weinberg


    Since Pinbooster launched in March 2012, we have had the pleasure of working with you to authentically connect with Pinterest users.

    This past August, we decided internally to make an important shift in the way we operate. So many campaigns and clients had come through Pinbooster’s self-serve…

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  2. 3 years ago

    In 2003, while in my junior year at Yeshiva University, I produced a powerpoint for the campus wide second annual memorial of September 11. I was able to recreate it tonight into a proper video for the tenth anniversary of 9/11. I cry every time I watch this, remembering how I watched the Twin Towers fall while I was atop the roof of Belfer Hall.

  3. 3 years ago

    Movie Mount Is the iPad Filmmaker's Dream

    This is the most amazing case I have seen for the ipad, plus it allows you the freedom to choose your own filming accessories.  

    …if I only had an iPad ;)

  4. 3 years ago

    All You Can Fly DC-NY Only $150/Month

    PlaneRed is about to disrupt the airline industry using low cost small planes and a subscription model.  I can’t tell you how bad I want this.  

    You can sign up to hear more about PlaneRed HERE.

    Right now, to get from DC to NY there are several option: (each way)

    • Car: 3.5 to 5 hour road trip. $50 gas. $25 tolls. Semi-reliable timing.
    • Train: 2.3 to 3 hours. $50-$100 (depending on how early you book and what type of train). Very reliable timing.
    • Bus: 4.5-5.5 hours $10-$25. Unreliable timing.
    • Plane: 1 hour. $100-400 (depending when you book). Mostly reliable timing.

    Buying a month subscription in advance for $150 keeps my budget in check and my schedule in line.  Also, these guys are local to DC - that makes me even more excited :)

    Hope I get to be among the first few to sign up

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    3 years ago

    Because of Ariel at trifunkalicious I always have something great to reblog.

    "Some people garden, some people like building model train sets… my hobby is winning."



    competitive bearding

  6. 3 years ago

    How amazing is this new book, "Keep our Secrets"?  All the black ink can be made to “magically” appear by rubbing it with your fingers.  The heat activated ink hides all kinds of things in this book - really fun for kids.  I can’t wait to buy this for Azi & Rafi.

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    3 years ago

    100Copies GIVEAWAY! - Ride Your Love


    I felt so bad for not posting over the last three weeks I wanted to make it up to my followers. My pal, Thomas Yang from 100 Copies has offered to give one lucky person a limited edition print of Ride Your Love. All you have to do is reblog this post and on Friday August 5th we will randomly choose a winner. 

    This is an awesome design but check out some of his others at 100 Copies.

    Start Reblogging!

  8. 3 years ago

    Reach.ly + Twitter = Direct

    Reach.ly is building their product off of the Twitter hose and displaying relevant tweets to your business. While this is nothing especially new, they way they go about it is interesting.  If you are among their initial core demographic - hoteliers - you enter your city and watch new relevant “local” tweets.  What you see is people tweeting about intentions to travel to your city.  I see this as a great app with much further reach, like for example for city visitors bureaus to act as local welcoming agents.  

    It’s also worth mentioning that it is well designed - something I always look for. Good luck to them!

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    3 years ago

    Proving a point - though I wish he were wearing a helmet while doing so…


    This is hilarious. A guy gets a ticket for riding outside of the bike lane and he now is going to prove a point. I love it.

  10. 3 years ago

    Space for a Guest?

    Now with two kids around, I have begun the mental game or reorganizing and rearranging our entire home as our lives change (for the better).  While son # is going nowhere for now - we “got” him an awesome race car bed - son #2 will soon leave the co-sleeper and move to another room.  Say goodbye to our guest room.  Sorry Bubby :(

    What now?  Well, we have been thinking about upgrading our basement/playroom for a while.  Priorities are important since if I had my way (and could fund it) we would place the ridiculously enormous new TV on one wall and surround the room in awesome sound.  Being as it may, the first thing on the list is something more like this:

    A comfortable sleeper couch. While this may seem like a shameless plus (yes, I have the chance of winning a gift card by even mentioning the Brighton Sofa by Klaussner Furniture on sale at Wholesale Furniture Brokers - link), money doesn’t grow on the trees in our backyard and Ill take all the help I can get…

    This couch looks so comfy. I am now running on so little sleep, I keep drifting off randomly while typing this blog post.  Maybe I should also invest in an espresso machine.

    How did you rearrange? What did you need to buy or move around?  Comment in my Facebook post and we can commiserate ;)